Sarah Goldberg Ellis


     I specialize in helping adolescents and adults overcome the struggles of eating disorders, anxiety, depression, self-harm, and substance abuse. I help my clients learn concrete coping skills and effective ways to take control of their lives. The constant battle of obsessing over one's weight, the unrelenting state of panic and fear at times for no understood reason, and the feelings of shame and urges to self-destruct, don't have to be a part of your life. I've had the opportunity to successfully help people work through these issues and find peace and healing that they deserve.

     I love working with people with eating disorders because they are intelligent, kind-hearted, and often don't realize their potential and worth in the world. I understand the strength it takes to make the call to ask for help and the uncertainty that comes with starting the recovery process.

     After studying eating disorders and women's issues extensively and working for years at The Renfrew Center, a renowned residential eating disorder facility, I joined the Emotional Eating program at Princeton House Women's Programs.

Phone: (856) 452-1818